To provide a conducive environment for a future-oriented, holistic education, anchored in a rigorous academic programme, for children. We nurture students to be independent life-long learners imbued with sound moral values who are respectful and responsible, and who rise to the challenges of life creatively and enthusiastically in an ever-changing world. And to promote lifelong learning in an open and caring atmosphere that motivates students to be confident and responsible global citizens.


To lead holistic, inclusive, innovative best class education in Assam


Success Inspires Success strength grows from strength. The school motto serves as a constant reminder to the school community of students and teachers that small successes will motivate the individual to strive for greater achievements.


Our Philosophy: The school is non-partisan, non-denominational and non-discriminatory. The only criteria for admission are academic merit and the willingness to do one's best to achieve excellence.

We believe that all children in the school are members of a privileged, regardless of social and economic standing, and we owe them a duty to provide the highest possible standard of education.

The school's philosophy embraces internationalism in its widest sense. Education is a global phenomenon; as such, we seek excellence wherever it is to be found and use it to raise our standards.

We respect the dignity and worth of all the students under our care. We believe that all students can be nurtured to achieve their full potential within a school environment that is both caring and challenging. We expect all students to be respectful, responsible and to rise to the challenges of life.


Our Aim

Our aim is to lay the foundation of a life-long educational experience, which will give the individual confidence and respect that will overcome all distinctions of race, class, colour and creed. We also wish to develop in our students a consciousness of the needs of society and the desire to contribute positively through selfless service, putting the totality of God-given talents and acquired knowledge to the service of humanity.

Academic performance is important for many reasons. It can open the door to opportunity and pave the way for future success, both in higher education and professionally; however, we believe a values-based, international education is of equal importance.

We live and breathe four values that form the basis of everything we do. They include:

• Leading through innovation

• Pursuing excellence

• Growing by learning

• Global citizenship

With these values at our core, we encourage independent learning and empower students to embrace responsibility. Students at our school learn to celebrate diversity in a spirit of understanding and tolerance that helps them become citizens of the world.

At GJA we endeavour to instil qualities of judgement, self-reliance, integrity and self discipline in our students. While we do not have a system of rigid rules, our overall Code of Conduct is based on the need to ensure the security of the students as well as consideration for others and high standards of behaviour.

Our school has no formal links to any religious. Children from all faiths are welcomed and supported. We believe that true faith is measured in the quality of our everyday lives, in our relationship with others, in our willingness to serve and in the power of what we practise rather than preach. Our values celebrate the diversity of beliefs which are represented in the school.

We believe in educating the whole person, so that every student leaves the school well-equipped to achieve individual goals and with a sense of commitment, social responsibility and enthusiasm.

Our students are encouraged to think creatively and independently. The spirit of healthy competition and cooperation is encouraged through sports and other activities. In this way, they learn about leadership and teamwork - the glory of winning and the importance of losing gracefully, yet with a determination to strive to do better next time.

How we live our Core Values everyday
1. Leading through innovation - Find the courage to challenge convention

            •  We dare to dream of the possibilities

            •  No idea is too small or too large if it makes things better for our learners             and our people

2. Pursuing excellence - Work to continually exceed expectations

            • Just as we set educational standards for our schools, we ensure that                    everything we do is delivered to a high standard

                • We go the extra mile for our students and our colleagues 3.Growing by learning - Strive to develop your potential • Along with our students, we never stop learning • Each and every one of us has the capacity for leadership 4. Global citizenship - Making an active contribution to your local and global community • We respect and celebrate our diversity and recognize that there are many things that unite us all • We make a difference in our local communities so that we can build a sustainable planet to share • We build bridges of knowledge, push boundaries and unite young people. • We aim to produce not just great students, but great people who live with honesty, confidence and integrity

School Address

Grameen Jyoti Academy
Grameen Sahara Campus
Kulshi Road, Chhaygaon
P.O + P.S Chhaygaon, 781124
Landline: 03623-261954,927

Holiday List

2018-19 Academic Year


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